What to expect on your first visit

What to expect Chiropractic ~ Cornwall Chiropractic ServicesFor the first appointment we typically allow an hour for a thorough assessment, report of findings and treatment.

Filling in Some Paperwork
This is so that we can get a good history of what illnesses, surgeries and injuries you have had previously as well as what has caused you to book the appointment.  This is very helpful for us to make sure we have a good background before performing a physical examination.

Once your forms are filled out the chiropractor will privately discuss your health and problems with you, answer any questions you may have and explain what to expect during the physical exam, which comes next.

The physical examination
We always like to start by looking at your posture before then checking your nerves, joints and muscles.  This doesn’t involve having to take all your clothes off!  If we need you to get undressed a gown will be offered for your modesty and underwear is always left on.  The aim of the examination is to stress your body a little bit to find out what is contributing to the symptoms you are experiencing.  Pain and dysfunction are not the same thing.  We like to try and find out where a part of you has gone wrong, which is sometimes not that close to where you are actually feeling the pain.

Report of Findings
Once you have undergone a thorough examination we will go through what we have found, explain what that means, the structures involved, where it’s coming from and how we intend to treat it.  It is also important we make clear the risks and benefits of your treatment, how you may expect to feel afterwards and advice you can implement at home to help speed up your recovery.

This is usually provided within the first appointment and may include spinal adjustments, other forms of physical therapy, dry needling and advice.  Treatments offered vary depending on the age and physical health of the patient but will always be tailored to the individual’s needs.

Home Care Advice
This may include the use of ice or heat, how to modify your activities to help protect the inflamed area or stretching or strengthening exercises to relieve it.

Booking your next appointment
This is done before you leave and again depends on how affected you are by your condition.  People in a lot of pain often need to return within 2-3 days.  If just in for a “check up” it may not be for a week or longer.  Most need to be seen 1-2 times a week for a week or two to monitor, maintain and manage your complaint.

Contacting other Healthcare Practitioners
This is not done as a matter of course.  Legally we are unable to contact another healthcare professional about you without your signed consent.  If we feel we need to discuss your treatment options with or refer you to a GP/Consultant/Physiotherapist we will always talk about this with you first.  This also includes referrals for images such as an X-ray or MRI.

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