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Treatments such as spinal manipulative therapy are generally not painful. Sometimes patients may experience some discomfort for a short period after treatment. This is more likely the case when the area is already inflamed and the surrounding muscles are hyperactive or in spasm. Generally any increase in discomfort is minor, manageable and settles down within a day or two.

Yes, compared to more invasive treatments for physical pain it has an excellent safety record.  Visit the British Chiropractic Association for up-to-date research on the efficacy and safety of chiropractic treatment.

Yes, usually.  We asses each patient to ensure any treatment is appropriate and relevant to them and their needs as an individual. Often when dysfunction or injury to the spine has been severe enough to warrant surgery then extra care will need to be taken to maintain it.  The movements and pressure put through the spine during a chiropractic treatment are no more than it would be subjected to during daily life once the area has healed.  It is especially important to sustain a good level of health, strength and flexibility if surgery has been performed.  We advise people to come in for a no commitment consultation should they wish to discuss their back issues personally, especially in complex or delicate cases.

Many people are told “it’s just your age” when they suffer physical pain and though getting older does undoubtedly change our bodies it doesn’t hurt when we go grey or get wrinkles.  Of course the treatment of someone in their 80s or 90s is going to be different to those for someone in their 20s but there are still lots of suitable techniques that can be used.  We take a full medical history in the first appointment so if any age related illnesses that may make people more vulnerable during physical therapy (for example osteoporosis or brittle bone disease) are present they will most certainly be taken into account before any treatment is provided.

This will depend on your particular condition, general health, how severe it is, how long you have had it and how well your body responds to treatment. Some people with complex problems, recurrent issues or physically demanding jobs/sports do continue to come every few weeks or months after their initial pain has gone.  This is however not essential and each person has their own approach to their body, which we respect and uphold.

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