I have worked at Cornwall Chiropractic Services since 2012.  Born and brought up in Cornwall I enjoyed horse riding and outdoor sports as a teenager and initially sought a career in the equine industry after leaving school.  Following numerous riding accidents necessitating regular chiropractic treatments at the age of 19 I felt inspired to change careers.  After five years of study I graduated with a Master of Chiropractic degree from the University of Glamorgan, South Wales in 2009.

My first job was in Nottingham and I then helped set up a clinic in Derbyshire before deciding to move home to Cornwall in 2012.  My interests as a chiropractor have developed from previously being a patient with multiple areas of pain and dysfunction; why does pain keeps coming back, why do some people seemingly never get better, is pain the only thing which should alert us to our bodies, is it just about adjusting joints or rubbing muscles?  So throughout my career my sole clinical interest revolves around trying to find the best way to assess and treat each individual as a whole to find out why something has developed pain in their body.  I enjoy working with patients of all ages and am enthusiastic about helping everyone to understand better how their body works.

In my spare time I enjoy cycling, mountain biking, yoga and exploring as much of the Cornish countryside as I can … and maybe the occasional pasty.

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